मेरा आँगन

मेरा आँगन

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spare the Rod inspire the Child

Spare the Rod inspire the Child

Chandra  Dev Ram

          The teaching profession is a pious and respectable job in our society and teacher is regarded as sculptor of nation. A teacher plays an important role in the cognitive development of child in school education and a best teacher completes his task. by inspiration rather than perspiration. One can not inculcate a habit of discipline among students n1ess he is himself true, sincere and disciplined. It requires a lot of tolerance, perserverance and patience. The strategy of planning the lesson, preparation, presentation, and explanation affects much more the teaching aptitude and personality of a teacher. The sense of devotion, dedication humourous nature, liberal attitude and cooperation are indispensable qualities of a successful teacher.

          Any child must never be ignored on the basis of colour, caste, creed, religion and blood relation during teaching learning process. Every child born in this world has unique character and potential and makes definite contribution to the society and nation. A teacher should adopt following tools to excell his teaching and inspire the students.

1. Professional Study

2. Pre-planning the lesson

3-Use of appropriate teaching aids

4 Activity base teaching involving every student.

5. Interaction with students.

6. Frequent test / evaluation

7. Motivation.

8. Appreciation / Reward

9. Dialogue with parents.

10. Analysis of his work.

          It is true that in the school atmosphere various factors (external and internal) are the basis of development of the child. Apart from school infrastructure locality of school, teaching staft the interest, attitude, aptitude, creativity, intelligence, family background and teacher taught relationship are some factors which play very important role in the airound development of students.

          In dealing with students a teacher should bear in mind that he is assigned this job to develop a human being who will be a responsible citizen in the tjme to come. The child should not be dealt rudely but sympathetically and in no way harsh punishment should hurt the teacher - taught relation.

          It is much satisfying that KVS has given clear and strict instruction to all Kendriya Vidyalayas against corporal or any type of punishment to the children. The KVS instruction relating to corporal punishment seems to be inconsistent at the first sight but these are, safe guards for professional existence of K.V. Teachers.

'Love, Faith, Tolerance and Prayer

This Recipe works everywhere.'


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