मेरा आँगन

मेरा आँगन

Friday, February 13, 2009

AMAZING ENGLISH :An Introducition

Asha George

We have great pleasure in introducing before you our latest book ‘AMAZING ENGLISH’ – a full-fledged and fully-packed collection of almost all the curious and fun-sparkling facts in English Language.

Amazing English is a book which opens before all the lovers of English Language the realm of comprehensive and extensive collection of amazing facts and facets in English Language.

Designed to kindle curiosity, it acquaints readers with the paradoxes and vagaries of the language through fun filled illustrations and examples.

The book brings forth a large fund of fun-facts, curious word puzzles, intriguing expressions, exciting language games, tongue twisters, idioms, riddles, anagrams, pangrams, palindromes etc. It is in fact the first of its kind as all such fun-sparkling facts and paradoxes have found place on a single canvas.

Amazing English will help all the lovers and treasure hunters of English Language. An expedition through Amazing English will take you to a wonder land where words unfold a magical world of surprises wrapped in fun and wisdom which does not fail to enlighten and enrich. The realms of English which have so far been left unexplored are now brought to light.

The writer has taken a daring step by thinking differently. He has created a new and dynamic classroom where words play their amazing role in skill developments and building confidence.

Amazing English is anchored to give utmost help to the lovers as well as teachers of the English Language in getting touch with the most sought-after language games and other language related curious terms and facts.

(A detailed list of the contents of the book is attached herewith.) You can download the contents.

Actual Prize of the book is 130/- Total Pages = 216

If you are interested in buying this book you have to pay Rs।125/- (Postal Charges included). The book will be sent to you by VPP. Just make a phone call to us or mail us. You can buy the book from the post man by paying Rs.125/-

Phone Numbers: 09961353207, 09447282647.

E-mail: ashasalmon@yahoo.com, ashasalmon@gmail.com

Asha George

Nelpurakadavil, Changanassery, Kottayam, Kerala.686101



A treasure house that reflects all the fascinating yet resplendent facts of English Language

The book gives you maximum examples of enticing, intriguing and perplexing wonders of English Language.

  1. Palindromes (Palingram)

  2. Semordnilap (Reversable words)

  3. Pangrams (Holalphabetic)

  4. Word Puzzles and Word quiz

  5. Quiz on Alphabets

  6. Numbers and Alphabets

  7. Consecutive Letters

  8. Uncommon Double letters

  9. Beautiful (And Not-so-beautiful words)

  10. Most frequent Appearance of a Letter in a single word)

  11. Quiz on Vowels and Consonants

  12. Riddles on Authors

  13. Riddles on Cities

  14. Riddles

  15. More Puzzles

  16. Tongue Twisters

  17. Anagrams

  18. Antigrams

  19. Kangaroo Words

  20. Words in a Word (Contained words)

  21. Anniversaries and Jubilees)

  22. Movements of Animals and Birds

  23. Young ones of Animals

  24. List of Gender Names

  25. Collective Nouns

  26. Spoonerisms

  27. Malapropisms

  28. Hyperbole

  29. Euphemism

  30. Dysphemisms

  31. Oxymoron

  32. Onomatopoeia

  33. Words Describing the Sounds of Animals and Birds

  34. Specific Actions

  35. Characteristics associated with Animals and Birds

  36. Killer wirds (…cide words)

  37. Redundant Phrases – Pleonasms

  38. Beheadments

  39. Curtailments

  40. Letter words (Grammanym)

  41. Reduplicated words

  42. Nationalities

  43. Nym words

  44. Auto antonyms

  45. Pseudonyms (Pen names)

  46. Homonyms

  47. Heteronym

  48. Homophones

  49. Give one word for the following expressions

  50. Confusing words

  51. Antiphrasis

  52. Professions – occupations

  53. Find the hidden cats

  54. Ant words

  55. Unusual pluralized words

  56. Home words

  57. Idioms

  58. The story behind Idioms and phrases

  59. Idiomatic pairs

  60. Proverbs

  61. Conflicting proverbs

  62. Rebus Puzzles

  63. One word substitutes

  64. Phobia words

  65. List of –ology words

  66. Mania words

  67. The language of love

  68. Sound noo…

  69. Eponymy

  70. Eponymy identification

  71. First in the dictionary

  72. Commonly misspelled words

  73. …age words

  74. …ment words

  75. Language games

  76. Doublets (Transmutations) By Lewis Carroll

  77. Mishmash

  78. Synonyms

  79. Nonsensical words

  80. Guess the missing letters

  81. The linking word

  82. Hidden words

  83. Jumbled words

  84. Vowel Test

  85. The first and the last letter

  86. Fill in with three A’s, E’s, I’s, O’s, or U’s

  87. Fill in with same letters

  88. Fill in with same four letters

  89. Nonsensical notices

  90. The middle three

  91. Can ‘U’ make these words meaningful?

  92. Can ‘I’ make these words meaningful?

  93. Confusing ….ie …ei

  94. Match the following (in words)

  95. Match the following (Fore words)

  96. Match the following (for words)

  97. Word power

  98. Silent letters

  99. Find the odd word out

  100. Have fun – sentence construction

  101. Answer my questions

  102. Guess

  103. Cricket word war

  104. Identify the person

  105. Can you guess

  106. Word chain

  107. Hangman

  108. Chinese Gossip

  109. Buzz

  110. Story telling

  111. Just a minute speaking (One minute game)

  112. Word formation game

  113. Words in a word

  114. Charades (Word guessing game)

  115. Twenty questions

  116. Word golf

  117. Epitaph

  118. Learn more about names

  119. Crazy English

  120. School jokes

  121. Sesquipedalian words (Longest words in English)

You can keep this book with you all the time - when you’re taking a class, planning to do group dynamics, or studying English.

Phone Numbers: 09961353207, 09447282647.

E-mail: ashasalmon@yahoo.com, ashasalmon@gmail.com

Asha George

Nelpurakadavil, Changanassery, Kottayam, Kerala.